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Spray Foam Insulation

Boost your home’s energy efficiency with our Spray Foam Insulation. This advanced solution provides an airtight barrier, resulting in considerable savings and enhanced structural integrity.

Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Traditional yet effective, our Fiberglass Insulation offers a familiar solution for those preferring conventional insulation methods. Though not as advanced as our recommended Spray Foam Insulation, it still provides decent thermal and acoustical barriers to meet basic insulation needs..

Attic Insulation

Reduce energy losses significantly with our Attic Insulation service. We offer professional installation that transforms your attic into a protective shield against unwanted heat exchanges.

Insulation Removal

Safely and thoroughly get rid of old or damaged insulation with our Insulation Removal service. We’ll clear the way for an insulation upgrade, ensuring minimal dust and debris.

About Us

South Chicago Insulation: a Gasca Construction Company. Family Owned since 1975

Introducing South Chicago Insulation, a specialized branch of the esteemed Gasca Construction Company, which has been a pillar in the construction industry since 1975. Established in 1999, South Chicago Insulation brings the same legacy of excellence and reliability to the forefront of modern insulation solutions. Our journey in spray foam insulation, a service we have been perfecting since 1999, is built upon the rich foundation and decades of experience of our parent company. This unique combination allows us to offer unparalleled expertise in enhancing your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

As a dedicated team of insulation experts, we are committed to tailoring our top-quality services to meet your unique needs. Our approach seamlessly blends the tried-and-tested methods of Gasca Construction with the latest advancements in insulation technology. This ensures that each project we undertake is completed to the highest standards, with a focus on integrity, professionalism, and deep respect for our customers and their homes. By choosing South Chicago Insulation, you benefit from the innovative solutions of a specialized company, backed by the extensive experience and trustworthiness of Gasca Construction. Experience the difference we can make in your living environment, where tradition meets innovation in insulation.

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How We Work

Our work process is deeply centered around meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to safeguarding our customers’ properties. From the initial consultation to the completion of the project, we take every measure to ensure precision and excellence in our service. Our skilled team conducts a thorough assessment of your needs before crafting a tailored insulation solution. We adhere to strict protocols during installation to minimize disruption and maintain the cleanliness of your space. After our work is done, we leave your property as clean as we found it, if not cleaner. Our aim is not just to insulate homes, but to build lasting relationships with our customers by delivering an experience that’s as outstanding as the insulation solutions we offer.

We’ve Been Building For Over 10 Years

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Home Energy Efficiency

Improve your home’s energy efficiency with our comprehensive attic insulation and air-sealing services – sealing off gaps to ensure a comfortable and energy-optimized living environment.

Attic Insulation Removal

Our insulation removal service not only clears the way for improved solutions but also uncovers hidden issues, ensuring a thoroughly inspected and well-protected home.

"Exceptional service! Their attention to detail and care for my property was impressive. My home has never felt more comfortable and energy-efficient!"

Igor Landry
Trail Auto

"Outstanding workmanship! Their professionalism and thorough cleanup after insulation installation were remarkable. Truly a game-changer for my energy bills!"

Angela Charlton
Move Flow

"I can't recommend them enough! They discovered hidden issues during insulation removal, something I wasn’t aware of. The difference in my home’s comfort is night and day."

Rehaan Whitfield
Pix Angels

“The crew was extremely professional and efficient. The Spray Foam Insulation has significantly cut down our energy costs. Highly recommended!”

Patricia K.

 Hyde Park

“Their attic insulation service was superb! From the initial assessment to the final cleanup, everything was perfect. My home feels so much more cozy and warm now.”

Carlos G.


“Incredible service. They made the insulation removal process stress-free, and their meticulous work ethic was highly impressive. A great team to work with!”

Jenny N.

South Chicago

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